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About Sadaf Advertiding Agency

Sadaf Advertising Agency with 15 years of experience, collaborating with a group of experts and media community experts and artists of country is proud to have the cooperation with Iranian creditable brands registered in its resume.

Our goal is acquaintance with activities and media products qualitative avilities of Sadaf Advertising Agency and it's hoped that in near future we have proud of cooperating with your esteemed visitor.
The activities of Sadaf Advertising Agency is:
1-Offering consultation and planning for branding with the highest standard od quality and quantity
2-Buying ATL media (newspapers, environmental, etc.) with the best rates and possible discounts
3-Buying BTL media (sampling, catalog, etc.) with the best rates and possible discounts  
4-Consultation and implementation advertising campaigns in Cyberspace  
5-Producing and distributing news and reports in news agencies and cyberspace channels
6-Producing a variety of multimedia CDs by using animation and using the latest method 
7-Translation and preparation and printing of various types of industrial catalogs and ...
it is a pleasure to have a collection of colleagues in Sadaf Advertising Agency that will take your comments and suggestions to the cherished visitor and follow us on the following social networks.....

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Sadaf Advertising

Sadaf Advertising

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