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Advertising Compaign

Advertising campaign is one of the most widely used words these days. Usually the most important attribute that used in the description of promotional campaigns is the volume of the campaign's rial. We hear many times that the company has launched a ten billion campaign Or another company, despite the interest in running promotional campaigns, does not have enough money to run them.  Often, in the middle of budget discussions and its division, the main philosophy of the "campaign" is forgotten. For this reason, in a separate text, we began to speak thay why the word "campaign" is used in "advertising campaign" phrase. 
Promotional campaign is something that there are no precise criteria for assessing its effectiveness in most cases or less used.

Companies and organizations that regularly run massive advertising programs, gradually realize the relative effectiveness of the media and techniques and tools.
But companies and organizations that have no previous experience or trust in the designers of an advertising campaign are generally exposed to a serious risk. Some companies have extensively used  of different billboards across cities. Others have a close connection with voice and radio.  Others have very good access to online users' data (e.g. email). Some others have provided call numbers of many people in a variety of ways. Another group have connection to written media such as magazines and newspapers.

The result of this connection and access to resources is that a company strongly emphasizes that using of billboards is the most effective part of the advertising campaign and Another company completely dismisses physical space and recommends exclusive activity in cyberspace.

someone believe that there internal networks don't have viewer, and satellite networks are a good option. Another insists that moving to satellite networks due to legal constraints in Iran is a strategic suicide.
It is enough for the designer of the advertising campaign to have a variety of media to provide a ped of services, in this case making it more difficult. Now we can not guess that the ped of proposed media is calculated and determined according to the purposes and needs of the client or based on the empty vacancy of the advertising agency.

The ignorance of industries and businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, has led to a significant part of the business profits being spent on non-professional media competitions. To better understand the advertising campaign, we need to remember that the concept of advertising itself has certain foundations that have been discussed in different formats. Perhaps one of the simplest models that offers a good image of advertising is the 5M model. Look at these five words:

Mission-Money-Message-Media- Measurement
Advertising agencies usually start a discussion of the M related Money, while for the client, M is more important than mission. For each of these Ms, there are several discussions that after better understanding of them, we can have a better conversation with advertising agencies and advertising campaign designers. Perhaps now, the simple definition of an advertising campaign that refers to the above concepts is that:

An advertising Campaign is a collection of multilateral advertising activities that message of the Campaign's target and audience are primarily determined and with accurate planning it tries to send an appropriate message in the appropriate time period with the appropriate budget for the appropriate audience and encourages more audiences in order to get in touch with the Campaign owner. An advertising Campaign without a specific numerical benchmark for measuring performance is meaningless.

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