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Print ad in Local newspapers

Print ad in Local newspapers The Hamshahri, Iran, Jame Jam and Sports News newspapers were introduced as the most popular newspapers in Iran. According to a study conducted by the National Center for the Study and Assessment of Public
Opinion of Tehran's Citizens on the pattern of consumption and their use of the press, which was conducted in October 2014 from 1,100 respondents by field method and using the questionnaire.

In getting news and information from various media, the use of the press is in the fourth place and among other media about the trust in this media, the press is after the broadcast and the Internet is in third place.

According to the report, the way of respondents' access to the press (newspapers and magazines) was a personal purchase and the average reading rate of the newspaper by its regular readers was 41 minutes a day, which was added to their study rate with age increasing.

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