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IKEA’s Smart Blinds Have Launched In Europe

IKEA’s interest in smart home devices isn’t a secret. The company has launched a variety of smart devices, such as smart plugs, smart lighting, and last year there were reports that IKEA was getting ready to launch their own smart blinds system as well. The good news for those who are looking for a somewhat affordable system, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has indeed launched.

According to a report from Zatz Not Funny, it appears that IKEA’s smart blind system has launched in Europe where it will be available in February. There is no mention of when it will be available in other parts of the world, but the reports claim that we might be able to see it arrive stateside in the spring.

In terms of pricing and features, the blinds will start at 99 euros and there will be two lineups to choose from, where one will be more opaque, and the other being more translucent. They will be powered by a USB rechargeable battery pack, while a wireless puck is being used a remote control which is actually something that IKEA already uses for some of its lighting systems.

It is also expected to play nice with the TRADFRI gateway system and there will be smartphone control, and there will also be support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

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