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Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts Promotional gifts are goods that are mostly branded with logos or slogans. Promotional gifts are used for marketing purposes and customer relationship program. Creating promotional gifts is one of the most important factors in attracting the attention and the sense of loyalty of customers that can surely have a significant role in reminding and preserving the products and services of a company in the minds of customers.
We know that not all printers and advertising letters are kept by all customers, but offering a small flash disk or flash memory ... whose contact information is included, can keep you close to your customers most up-to-the-year.
Promotional gift recipients can be old customers, major customers, managers and employees of the companies or organizations, managers and employees of your company or organization, potential customers or the public people.
You must use the logo (brand name), company name or symbol of the product in visual or symbolic form or in all cases in your promotional gifts.
In general, giving presents is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a sense of loyalty and valuable relationships for companies and customers. There is a constant reason to give a gift: to strengthen personal relationships between the gift provider and the gift Recipient.
Of course, the motivations in giving gift are different, especially in terms of whether there is any precondition for giving gifts or not and there is any sign of advertise in it or not. Maybe some people think that there should be no benefit to giving gift. For some companies, giving presents is part of their marketing strategy.
Types of promotional gifts:
1-Glass and Mug, etc.
2-Types of clocks(clock and wrist watch and desk clock, etc.)
3- Reception box(Maintenance of tea and non-coffee and chocolate and nuts)
4- Traveling tools and sets
5- personal necessaries(Manicure set and wax set)
6-administrative necessaries
7- Types of bags and handbags
8- Gift set(Pen and psychoanalysis, Card Holder and Key key holder, Notebook )
9- Electronics necessaries(Carcito, Speaker, Power Bank and Flash)
10- Clothing(Hats and t-shirts, towels, etc.)
11- Types of prints (calendar , exquisite cultural and religious books, printed papers, etc.)
12-Car types and items
13-Statue and Plaque, medal and pixel
14-Cultural and artistic goods(Audio and Video CD, Digital Pen, etc.)
15-Perfume and cologne
16-Flower box
17-Multimedia (multimedia clips and CDs)

Glass and Mug
Glass and Mug Sadaf Advertising Agency
Types of clocks
Types of clocks Sadaf Advertising Agency
Reception box
Reception box Sadaf Advertising Agency
Traveling tools and sets
Traveling tools and sets Sadaf Advertising Agency
personal necessaries
personal necessaries Sadaf Advertising Agency
administrative necessaries
administrative necessaries Sadaf Advertising Agency
Types of bags and handbags
Types of bags and handbags Sadaf Advertising Agency
Gift set
Gift set Sadaf Advertising Agency
Electronics necessaries
Electronics necessaries Sadaf Advertising Agency
Clothing Sadaf Advertising Agency
Types of prints
Types of prints Sadaf Advertising Agency
Car types and items
Car types and items Sadaf Advertising Agency
Statue and Plaque, medal and pixel
Statue and Plaque, medal and pixel Sadaf Advertising Agency
Cultural and artistic goods
Cultural and artistic goods Sadaf Advertising Agency
Perfume and cologne
Perfume and cologne Sadaf Advertising Agency
Flower box
Flower box Sadaf Advertising Agency
Multimedia Sadaf Advertising Agency

Sadaf Advertising

Sadaf Advertising

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